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The elements of holistic education

Holistic education is inspired by several forms of thought about education. Its hermeneutics is rooted in the work on interpretation by Hans Georg Gadamer. Its notion of cognition comes from the embodied, embedded, enactive account initiated by Francisco Varela. Its account of teaching and learning draws on the research done in what is sometimes called the learning sciences brought together in the Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences. Its notion of spirituality comes from the participatory spirituality research agenda of Jorge Ferrer. Its pedagogy comes from the educational work of J. Krishnamurti. The choice of these main inspirations is based in the fact that they are by and large compatible with eachother and that each one of them allows for a holistic approach to education.

How Krishnamurti’s educational thought features on this website

In order to come up with a viable account of holistic education, this website explores the depth of Krishnamurti's work on education. This is done in several ways. Krishnamurti's...

About Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti's life Krishnamurti (1895-1986) is widely regarded as one of the foremost spiritual teachers of the 20th Century . Born on 11th May 1895 as the...

What name should we give to Krishnamurti education?

If we want to single out one aspect of Krishnamurti education that captures its breadth and depth, the word holistic seems as good as any other.

Where does Krishnamurti fit in the history of holistic education?

In the post What name should we give to Krishnamurti education? I explained that I have chosen to use the word holistic education, when referring to the understanding I take away from...